Frequently Asked Questions

When will I receive my payments?

Affiliate checks are sent out every 2 weeks. Affiliates can view a list of all their payments and when they are to be sent from their stats page.

Where do I go to view my stats?

Your stats are located on Clickbank’s secure servers, To view stats: click here

Can I join your affiliate program even if I do not have a website?

Absolutely, you can take advantage of the money making opportunity of our affiliate program even if you do not have a website. After you have signed up, you will receive a unique affiliate link. Then simply promote your unique affiliate link however you wish.

How am I credited with sign-ups?

When a visitor clicks on your link to, a cookie is injected into the end user’s browser, containing your Affiliate ID. This cookie allows the visitor to tour our site without losing this Affiliate ID. When the visitor then clicks to sign-up, our processor retrieves this cookie, and automatically credits your Affiliate ID with the sale. One of the biggest advantages of the cookie system is that the cookie is present in the visitor’s browser. This means that if the visitor decides not to sign-up right away, but then returns at a later date, you will still get credited for the sale.

I just got a sign-up and it is not showing up, why?

Sign-ups typically take 15-45 minutes to be mirrored to the stats server.

Can I bulk email? does not condone the use of spam and the sending of unsolicited e-mail in any form, nor do we control other web sites involvement and/or practices in this area. Any affiliate caught spamming WILL have their account terminated.

How do I save the banners?

Right click on the banner you wish to save, then click “Save Picture As”. Save this onto your computer, then simply insert on to your web page.

Can I use my same linking code on different websites/URL’s?

Yes, you can place our banners and your unique affiliate link on any site you wish. You don’t need to sign up again ever. You can use your code on as many websites, URL’s, domains or webpages that you like, there is no need to sign up for each website individually. In fact, we recommend placing our banners and your linking code on as many websites as you can, the more places you have the banners up, the more money you’ll make!

What types of websites can I place your banners on?

You can place our banners on any type of website you like. Adult paysites, Adult freesites, Pic Posts TGP’s, Link lists, Informational sites, even high traffic home pages. If you have the traffic and sales to send, then we have the money to pay you!

Do you offer Ad Tracking?

Absolutely. This is how to implement the simple ‘TID’ (Tracking ID) code, from Clickbank:

“The format of an affiliate link with a tracking code is located below.

The tracking code (which is “XXXXXXXX” in the example above) can be 8 characters long, containing alpha and numeric characters only. Any tracking code longer than 8 characters will be truncated. Any tracking code containing characters other than alpha or numeric values will have the entire tracking code removed from the link and order process and will not show in the transaction report. Tracking codes received with upper and lower case characters will be set to all uppercase.”

So, as an example, you’d replace “affiliate_id” with your own clickbank ID and then you’d put your desired tracking code on the end replacing the XXXXXXXX

So it might look like this:

Now, when you send traffic through that link and make a sale, pensec9 will show up in the ‘TID’ column in your Clickbank stats next to the sale – showing you where the sale came from. Very simple but very effective.

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