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These are actual testimonials from some of our satisfied members. Their last names have been removed for their privacy. We would love to hear from everyone who uses our manual and we encourage your feedback. Your privacy will be respected at all times.

Please note: does not post before and after photos as we are classified as a non-adult site. Note however that most sites which do post before and after photos either manipulate the photos or they simply use images from other websites. This is why it is common to see the same photos on many different websites. does not approve of this and as such does not participate in these tricks. Our member's comments speak for themselves!

To Penilesecrets,
I'd like to say a huge thank you to all the team at for putting together your excellent online manual. I still cant believe that it really works, my penis is now nearly 8", I used to be about 6" and It took just 3 Months, My orgasms are unbelievable and my wife loves the new me. Thanks once again.
David N.
"I originally signed up for your program because of the penis enlargement techniques, but I have found the erection strengthening techniques to be amazing, I have never been this hard before, and my girlfriend loves it."
Jerry D.
To, the team,
Your online manual is the best thing I have ever come across, on the internet, Now I know why they call it the information superhighway, I cant believe I have never heard of these techniques before, and I would like to say to all other men, Fellas, this is not B.S. these techniques really do work.
Harry MK.
My penis has gone from 5" to 6" in just 2 months, Thanking you eternally.
Aaron A.
I've only been using your program for about 2 weeks, and I have already gained an inch! I cant believe these techniques really work. I was very sceptical at first, but I'm glad your techniques proved me wrong, Thank You.
Ronald S.
I cant believe I'm sending an email about my dick, but I just want to thank you guys for your info, I have grown 2" Now I'm going to become a porno star, Ha, Thanks.
Terry D
Hello my name is Michael N*****, I must say, that I was hesitant to use your service at first, but I had to try, It is the best thing I ever did, and I want to thank you for helping me with my questions quickly and friendly, Thanks again.
Michael N.
I can't thank you guys enough! My penis has grown from 5 " to 7" (and counting!) in just 3months! Better still, my love-life and confidence have improved dramatically as a direct result. To any guys out there considering it, just DO IT, it's totally worth it!!
Z Smith
My name is Mark M..... I would like to tell you that since I've used your online manual, I can't believe that my penis is now becoming bigger and bigger. My penis used to be about 6" but now I have a nearly 7", big, long, hard and strong dick after just 4 weeks. Thank you once again. Thanks.
Mark M.
I sincerely appreciate the information you distribute concerning men's #1 mental problem. Many women seem to believe that bigger is better and women always want more and more and more. Your techniques have helped many men, and I sincerely appreciate that. I love it when women say that they will give me sex whenever I want it, wherever I want it. And the Orgasms are FANTASTIC! Thanx.
Thank you gentlemen
I found your website by accident. I have an extremely stressful job and basically lost it and was put on a months stress leave with counselling.
By signing up here I have found it the single most beneficial thing I have done. My counsellor has suggested more balance in my life and this site has done it for me. I feel empowered and have retaken ownership of my life. The time I take to do my exercises is mine and I feel bloody good about it.
Yes I have growth, but I reckon sex is better with my wife than before. Thank you very much
Hello. I have been using penile secrets for only 1 week and already there has been significant improvement in the length of my penis. It has greatly improved my sex life. I owe it all to you penile secrets! I willl think of you whenever I have an erection.
Jerry T.
Thank you guys! YOU know what a man needs to have!
My penis has grown and grown, and is now 3" larger than before!
Finally I can get a girlfriend... ha!
Maurus C.
Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, You guys are the best.
Richard L.
I've tried your technique and quickly went from just under 3" to nearly 4" in a year. It now sticks out the top of my hand and I feel more like a man every day.
Andrew G.
Just a quick note to let you guys know that I have now gained nearly 2 inches using your techniques. All the best.
Karl N.
Hi, this is a very satisfied member and i just want you to know that thanks to your program I have a better sex life, increased confidence and my partner is much happier with my new performance. Thank you.
John A.
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